Leila Berg

British author, editor and proponent of children's rights. Born in Salford in 1919. She worked as a journalist for a number of years before beginning to write children's novels in the 1950s. Her books, despite being mainly aimed at younger children, are noted for being much more realistic and gritty than the usual early reader type books. Amongst her children's novels is one story about a boy and a pit pony.

As well as writing for children Ms. Fearon also wrote adult non-fiction, including works on education. She was in addition an editor for Methuen publishers. She was awarded the Eleanor Farjeon Medal in 1973 for her services to children's literature.

There is a comprehensive Leila Berg website which has lots of biographical and book information. A google search will also bring up a lot more info about the author.

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in hardback by Brockhampton in 1974 and also 1980.
Possibly also paperback edition - needs confirming
SUMMARY: Andy loves animals and wants to be a vet but must go and work in the mines instead. There he finds friendship with Piper the pit pony.

Collectors Info:
Not a particularly common title but neither is it too hard to find in the UK, although prices can vary a lot. Hard to find in America and elsewhere.